Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Threadless Tees Worth Checking Out

Threadless Tees, out of Chicago, is a community-based company that creates tee-shirts and other apparel with artwork created by artists. I really love the whole idea of having my artwork printed on a tee-shirt. It serves as a great way of promoting your art, sharing your artwork with others and they look great. The bonus is, you get paid for every design they end up printing. The business is community-based in that customers get to vote on the designs they like the most, becoming a valuable contributor to the process. Check out this video from MSNBC, in which they take viewers behind the scenes with Threadless Tees.

I think this is a really exciting and fun opportunity for artists.I know I'll be submitting a design in the near future. For more information check out their website and Facebook page for details.

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