I am a writer, practicing artist, and filmmaker living in Northern Kentucky. I created ArtSeen because there is so much wonderful art out there that doesn't get enough coverage. That needs to change!

If you would like to be listed in my artist section, would like to be considered for an interview, or know of any upcoming art gallery openings, you can contact me  via email at keyandra315@yahoo.com or follow me on Facebook.

Ciao for now!

Assistant Editor 

Cara Martin hails from Denver, Colorado but now resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is enrolled at Cincinnati State where she is seeking an Associates of Arts. She currently works as freelance editor and has experience editing everything from student essays to scripts for motion pictures. 

In her spare time Cara loves nothing more than slipping into the latest R.A. Salvatore novel, role playing as an elf during a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, discussing feminist causes, and enjoying a good vegan meal.

Writer/Book Reviewer 

Pat LaFleur is a writer and editor residing in sunny Northern Kentucky. Pat's writing usually concerns itself with the media - particularly mass and social media - but has recently charted into theories of creativity and the imagination. Back in his school-bound days, he specialized in American Modernist literature. When not reading or writing, Pat likes running with shoes on,    climbing walls, scooping kitty litter, grilled cheese sandwiches, television, and the NKY.

Graphic Design/ Marketing
Jesse Byerly is a Northern Kentucky / Cincinnati-based artist working with video, music, textiles and film making. He is currently collaborating with a variety of local non-profits and small businesses.

His latest works are a 50-minute film, "El Proceso de Un Extranjero," about the emotional process of being an exchange student, as well an bilingual electronica/rap album "Hombre." He has a BFA in New Media Art with a Spanish Minor from Northern Kentucky University.

Chuck Heffner was conceived and born along the glacier-choked rivers in Middle Ohio many eons ago. Seeking fame, fortune, and exotic chili, he experienced all of that and more after moving south during the Bush the Elder Dynasty. Ages passed before he mastered the arcane arts of Media Informatics, but he is now contemplating the mysteries of baked goods before embarking on his calling as an illusionist and explorer along the northern frontier.

For fun, he enjoys reading, writing, designing, referring to himself in the third person, and most of all, helping Shawn whenever possible.

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