Friday, January 21, 2011

Art Websites Used for Inspiration

As an artist I am always seeking avenues for inspirations. These are some of the websites that I have visited in the past that I use to help me with the process of creating.

Hi-Fructose Magazine is a magazine that showcases contemporary art from well known and up and coming artists. Hi-Fructose comes in magazine form or you can access many articles on their website.

Fecalface is a website dedicated to promoting contemporary art from the San Francisco area and others. This website has interviews, articles, updated information on openings, and a place for artists to post their work online.

Juxtapoz is magazine that also focuses on contemporary art. They are both in magazine and web site format.

This is a website that I came across fairly recently. This website focuses on erotica and art of a sexual nature. As someone who paints a fair amount on the subject of female sexuality I find this website to have a lot of interesting imagery. This is a magazine as well.

This is the website of Sylvia Ji, an L.A. artist. I love viewing this artist's work because of the imagery and the use of color.

Ray Caesar's work is wonderfully twisted. His work transports you into a world of the weird.

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