Monday, August 29, 2011

Artists Via Facebook

As I have mentioned in a recent post I am a huge fan of using Facebook as a tool in my research process. I can't even begin to tell you the help Facebook has been in finding and contacting artists.There is so much great artwork out there that it stands to reason that a list of artists and their Facebook fan pages would be something to post about.

Facebook Pages Part One

Glenn Arthur- A self taught artist from Orange County, California. I love the seductive quality of his highly decorative and stylized beauties in his artwork.
Archer Dougherty - I recently interviewed this artist from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I love the subject matter, colors and line work of her artwork. 
Camilla d'Errico- An artist from Vancouver, British Columbia that I interviewed recently. Lovely anime inspired artwork.
Gabi Fventes- An artist from Mexico that I recently interviewed. I love the pattern of line work that make up Fventes' artwork.
Camille Rose Garcia- An artist from Los Angeles, California. Love the bright, bright colors and the
cartoon-like worlds she creates.
Mab Graves- An artist from Indianapolis, Indiana that I have interviewed in the past. I love the subject matter of her fairy tale inspired art.
Juuri- An artist from Norman, Oklahoma that I recently interviewed. I love the ornateness and decorative qualities of her artwork.
Edith Lebeau- An artist from Quebec, Canada. Her artwork infuses colorful portraits of women with nature and tattoo art.
June Leeloo- An artist from Nantes, France. Her work is influenced by Asian art and literature, Art Nouveau and flowers/nature.  I love the decorative aspect of her artwork.
Kelly Mckernan- An artist from Atlanta, Georgia that I recently interviewed. I love the seductive quality of the heroines in her artwork and the way she plays with decorative elements.
Tara McPherson- An artist from Brooklyn, New York. I love her use of colors and the subject matter of her artwork.
Charmaine Olivia- An self taught artist from San Francisco, California. I love the use of lines and strong women in her artwork.
Joshua Petker- An artist from Los Angeles, California. This artist has his roots in graffiti and street art. I love the use of bold and bright colors within his work.
Conrad Roset - An illustrator from Barcelona, Spain. I love the use of bright colors, dripping paint and illustrative lines.
Kaspian Shore- An artist working in Munster, Germnay. I love the sad melancholy images of  androgynous male figures that Shore creates in his artwork.
Jessica Ward- An artist from Los Angeles, California. Ward's artwork focuses on female figures and as the artist says "copious amounts of hair".
Rondle Royce West- A local, self taught artist that I have interviewed in the past. What I love the most about his sculptural pieces is the zany fun of the subject matter, the fact that almost anyone can find recognizable elements of pop culture/religious iconography/commercial elements within his work and his use of materials.
Vania Zouravliov- An Russian born artist that creates detailed drawings that have a strong Asian influence with subject matter that can be at times disturbing but always beautiful in their details.
Jason Jacenko- An artist from Melbourne, Australia. Jacenko is a tattooist and painter who creates surreal worlds filled with creatures of his own making.

You should definitely check out these folks' artwork and liked them on Facebook. I will be periodically posting new posts with more links to Facebook profiles. Till then keep supporting and rocking out to great artwork!

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