Friday, September 9, 2011

Bits and Pieces Gallery Opening at The Carnegie

Bits and Pieces,  a brand new exhibit at The Carnegie in Covington, Kentucky opened this evening. The exhibition features artwork by seven artists including: Rondle West, Leslie Nichols, John Koverman, Kim Rae Taylor, John Bavaro, Sheri Besso and Lathan Vargason. Each artist has their own solo exhibitions located in the various galleries at The Carnegie.

My personal favorite was the artwork by Rondle West, a local artist that currently balances his time between Cincinnati and Palm Springs. What I liked the most about his artwork are the bold colors and the textural quality of each piece.  They cry out to be touched.  Be forewarned, no touching allowed. Each piece of artwork is constructed from found objects that include: toys, shells, action figures and religious iconography. I also enjoyed the fun and sense of wit involved in the titling of each piece such as, My date with Barbie is tomorrow night, pictured below.

Gallery viewers take in My date with Barbie is tomorrow night by Rondle West. 

West's solo exhibition is located in the Ohio National Financial Services Gallery. For more about West and his artwork, check out the interview I did with him last year.
Another artist that I also enjoyed was Kim Rae Taylor. Her solo exhibition, located in the Hutson Gallery, is based off her work with one model. It was interesting to see the artist's interpretation of the model at different stages; varying in colors, use of lines and artistic materials. 

Bits and Pieces runs through Friday,Oct. 7. For more information you can visit The Carnegie's website for more details.

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