Monday, September 19, 2011

Cincinnati Comic Expo

During my birthday weekend my fiance and I attended the 2nd Cincinnati Comic Expo on Saturday Sept. 18 at the Duke Energy Center. This was my first Comic Book convention and I had gone with a goal in mind; to scout for more artists. DavidMack, renowned artist of Kabuki, was in attendance and we stopped, chatted with him and made a couple of purchases. 

Our David Mack prints

Close-up of my print!

What I love most about Mack's artwork are the intricate decorative elements and the lovely mix of comic book art, collage, and fine art elements. For more information about Mack and his artwork you can visit his website and Facebook fan page for more details. 
Another artist that I really enjoyed was Stuart Sayger. I really loved the colors and line details of the cover art for his Shiver in the Dark series.

For information about Sayger and his artwork you can visit his website for more details.

I really hope that Cincinnati keeps hosting the Comic Expo. I think it's a great opportunity for comic book fans, artists and writers to network and showcase their work.

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