Monday, October 17, 2011

A Conversation With Sabina Nore

"I Choose My Scars"
Sabina Nore, an artist and designer from Vienna, Austria, creates artwork full of symbolism, beauty and a surreal quality. Nore's artistic mediums range from oil and acrylic paintings, digital paintings, web design, illustrations, flash animations and more.

Nore is a co-founder and designer at GamezArena. You can check out some of her other projects here. Nore took time out of her schedule to speak with ArtSeen about her artwork and artistic processes.

Can you tell us a little about your artwork and your artistic process? What type of artistic materials do 
you use?

For me, most of my paintings are illustrations or expressions of some human condition and usually one I could dedicate a book to or, at the very least, an essay. Some paintings are more personal, such as "I Choose My Scars" or "Alchemy", others point out something I have observed in my surroundings or the world in general, such as "Ignis Fatuus".
Sometimes, not so often, it is simply a visual poem, for lack of a better expression. Like "The Quest of Tireless Juniper".

The media and materials vary greatly, depending on the idea as well as my mood, to some degree. The materials mostly range from traditional, such as acrylics or oils on canvas, to digital ones. The methods are not so different though, whether it's an acrylic, an oil or a digital painting.

Sabina Nore

What inspires you as an artist? Why do you create art?

I can get inspired by a lot of things, like overwhelming beauty or a painful lack thereof. A bizarre thought or a Freudian slip. Music, especially soundtracks, although they are rather something that inspires me to continue than to start.

I create art because I have a lot to say about a lot of things. My mind is almost constantly swirling with ideas and thoughts, and these need an outlet. Painting is one of my creative outlets as well as the most beautiful form of meditation I have come across.

What types of themes, ideas, or concepts do you explore within in your artwork?

The term Metaphorical Surrealism encompasses it all. I enjoy exploring conceptual archaic themes and subjects that some consider philosophic in nature. I rather see them as pertinent to life in general. The inner workings of our species, what moves us and why. The woman is another common theme. Female power, feminine strength, but also criticism of what I consider "unworthy" ambitions. Not only unworthy of a female but unworthy of any human, though the focus in my artworks is on the female.

"Innate Exuberance"

Are there any artists that inspire you ? If so who would they be and why?

There are artists who have inspired my growth as an artist. Salvador Dali would be among the very first, a long time ago, then other surrealists after him. Escher and Giger, even though my art is nothing like theirs, have definitely been an inspiration as well. They provoke an original outlook.

My son's drawings inspire me as well. From the age of 3-7 he would process every thought and every new idea through his drawings. Huge paper demand in that period! The ease and the carelessness with which he did this was inspiring, especially when seeing some of the final results. Unpolished perhaps, but pure creation at its best!

For you, what do you think the role of the artist is?

To inspire, to enlighten and illuminate. To bring beauty, in some form, to the viewer. I don't necessarily mean beauty in its classical interpretation though. Inspiring a new thought, for instance, or provoking a question in the observer are just a couple of ways of evoking beauty and creativity and therefore spreading both like a disease. It is an artist's duty to awaken creativity and beauty in others, in one form or another.

 "Ignis Fatuus"

What’s the best and worst part about being an artist?

I don't think there is any worst part about being an artist, per se, but I do think that the temptations that come with being an artist are plentiful - and I mean constantly - to sell out in some way. To create "what works", to offer that what the market desires, rather than remain true to one's personal creative urge.

The best part about being an artist is that you are an artist!

"The Wave"

And finally, what advice would you give to other artists?

I would give them the same advice that I need to remind myself of constantly. Grow a thick skin that absorbs light but averts all poisons. If you want to be and continue being an artist, then it is prerogative to never allow anyone to damage your creative spirit. Know yourself, explore, and create. Allow yourself to evolve as an artist. Art is an adventure!

"The Quest of Tireless Juniper"

For more information about Nore and her artwork you can visit her website for more details.

All photography provided by Sabina Nore.


alija said...

Thanks Sabina for your
Very inspiring and spiritual thoughts.

Mirjana said...

This is excellent interview that represents a beautiful world of art of Sabina Nore. I enjoyed her answers and depth of her approach to life and art.
Sabina is a true artist that spreads beauty around her with her multitasking talents and energy. Her paintings are mystical ,spiritual and awakening . I love her art.
I wish you good luck on your path of artist, Sabina Nore with hope that always more people will enter your world of imagination and creativity.

Tim Dickinson said...

Interesting interview, Its always good to hear from other artists that think more deeply and try to convey humanity on a deeper and more philosophical level, definitely my kind of art :)

Anonymous said...

Great work and words!

Shawn Daniell said...

Hey everyone thanks for stopping by ArtSeen and leaving such wonderful comments!! More artists coming shortly.

mystxs said...

Sabina this was a very refreshing interview i enjoyed very much.

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