Friday, March 16, 2012

The Art of Food

"The Esctacy" by Eric Brass

Recently I had a chance to review The Art of Food art exhibition at the Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center in Covington, Kentucky for AEQAI. I thought it was an interesting concept to focus on. Artists have been exploring food in their artwork for ages, but this show had a lot fun with this theme. Artwork ranged from collage, painting, balloon art, glass and much more. I have highlighted some of the pieces that struck my fancy.

Participating artists include:

Eric Brass 
Sandra Gross
Vicky Kimble 
Jeffrey Hayes
Marisa Dipaola 
Sayaka Ganz
Jacquelyn Sommer

For more images of the artwork and the opening check out 513 Eats. I was unable to make the opening this year but you can bet I will be there next year!

A dress created with peeps, marshmallow bunnies and handmade dipping dots. By Marisa Dipaola.

"Commander in Chief" by Eric Brass

"Rothko Toast" by Leah Busch and Sandra Gross

"Let the Good Times Roll" by Vicky Kimble

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