Friday, April 20, 2012

A Conversation With Michelle Perez

"Warrior"- Digital, February 2012

Michelle Perez, an artist and illustrator from New York City, creates artwork that features sexy, independent women and elements of sexuality within the realms of digital creations and traditional art. What I like the most about Perez's artwork is the many moods and themes  they convey, including seduction, female power, the macabre (Check out her Alice in Wonderland and Zombie imagery on Facebook), elements of horror motifs and mythology. Perez spoke with ArtSeen about her artwork and her inspirations.

Can you tell us a little about your artwork, artistic process, and what types of artistic materials you use?

Majority of my work is traditional, but there are times when I’ll pick up the tablet and do some digital magic. I’m a bit of a spaz though. I’ll go full force into one piece, work a couple days on it and jump ship to another project. It’s good, in the sense of always keeping busy and never tiring from certain things, but some projects never get finished either. When I go traditional, I use a lot of Bristol board and depending on the theme it’ll be covered in Copic Markers, acrylics, or even some water colors.

What inspires you as an artist? Why do you create art?

As cliche as it may sound, life inspires me. It's the little things. I find inspiration in talking to someone face to face and looking at how the light hits their features. The awkward bridge of someone's nose, the way their hair falls, even the wrinkles in their clothing. It all inspires and makes me want to create.

I don't know why I draw, I just do. Drawing for me is akin to breathing!

"Valkyrie" - Watercolors & Copics on Bristol Board, Jan 2012

What types of themes, ideas, or concepts do you explore within in your artwork?

I always have a million ideas going on for drawings, majority of them dealing with women and a bit of sexuality. It’s just putting them all on paper that’s the problem. My art depends on mood. Sometimes it can be real macabre. I like for it to look as if I’ve caught my subject in motion and have drawn the best shot of it.

Are there any artists that inspire you? If so who would they be and why?

There are so many artists that inspire me. I have different artists that I love for different mediums.

Adam Hughes creates some of the best females I’ve seen! His expressions and body language as well as his knack for marker work make him one of the top artists that inspire my comic work. I’m also inspired by Mucha and his detailed intricacies. There's so many other artists but it all depends on what I'll be drawing.

"Cupcake" - Digital, October 2011

What do you think the role of the artist is?

The role of an artist is to bring out feelings lost by the daily mundane tasks of living.
To bring color to a dreary world. We're here to make you feel something!

What do you want viewers to walk away with when they view your artwork?

I want them to walk away so in love with my girls that they come back for more.

And finally, what advice would you give to other artists?

Make it a part of your day to constantly create something!

"Siren" - Pencils, March 2012

For more information about Perez and her artwork you can visit her Facebook page, Tumblr account and follow her on Twitter for more details.

All artwork provided by Michelle Perez.

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