Friday, February 3, 2012

PRISMA Artist Collective

"Where the wild boys dance" by Kaspian Shore

The PRISMA Artist Collective, recently created by Kaspian Shore in November of 2011, is a group of 25 artists from around the world. Their purpose is one of artistic exploration, discussion and collaboration. The artists come from all over the globe including Germany, England, Taiwan, USA, Ukraine, Mexico and more working in different artistic disciplines and styles.

The whole idea behind an artistic collective has always excited me and when I heard about this group I had to learn more. Kaspian Shore of the PRISMA Artist Collective spoke with ArtSeen about their goals and future projects.

Can you tell us a little bit about the background of the PRISMA Artist Collective? What inspired you to create this collective?

Before I had the idea for an actual artist collective, I was just trying to get my name out there, like all artists. I thought it may be interesting to collaborate with some people I had been in touch with before, so I talked to Ruben Ireland, Nom Kinnear King, and Bec Winnel. They were all pretty interested in collaborating with me but they were also big fans of each other's work, which made me think that it may be even more exciting to have a whole group of people working together. So, that's how things started last year, but I have to admit that the vague idea of a collective or some kind of community had been on my mind for years.

What is the goal or mission of the PRISMA 
Artist Collective?

When I started to understand the scale and the potential of our group, it didn't take long to figure out where the collective was heading and what my own personal mission would be. I wanted to bring together people of different ages and at different stages of their career—established artists as well as those on the verge of breaking through—and make them benefit from each other's experience and popularity. The art world/market can be pretty daunting, and it was my hope that a large group of friends would provide support and stability, and furthermore enable us to explore new fields of promoting and distributing our works.

"In Memory" by Caitlin Hackett

 What guidelines or factors came into play when choosing artists for the collective?

There has really been only one important factor when choosing the artists (besides personal taste and artistic potential), and that is reliability. Our members have to be an active and supportive part of the group because that is the only way to make a collective work. It is the part that you don't see but there is a lot of communication going on between our artists, a very solid kind of ground work that I believe distinguishes us from other groups.

Can you tell us about any future projects and/or exhibitions the PRISMA Artist Collective is working on?

There will be two mini shows for PRISMA in 2012, "Blood" at WWA Gallery (LA) this summer and "Milk" at Fine Grime (England) in November. We are also planning a large group show with all our members for 2013.

For more information about the
PRISMA Artist Collective you can visit their website, Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.  

Artwork provided by Kaspian Shore and Caitlin Hackett.

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