Thursday, December 9, 2010

Papier de toilette Mort

A Lesson in Film-making

I worked with a really talented team and created my first movie from a script I wrote. I am very happy with the results. We decided to play with the film noir genre. It's never an easy project when it comes to putting together a film, but it ultimately a rewarding one. I wanted to create a dark, disturbing, deceptive little thriller. I wanted the killer to be a surprise and I wanted to play with the concept of a Femme Fatale. I wanted the dialouge to be a little over the top and full of sexual innuendo.

When it came time to select music I wanted to create something original. Jesse Byerly, a self taught musician and new media artist, was my immediate choice. The music that he created worked very well with the feel and mood of the film. I would describe it as a love affair with sadness.

Hope you like our film.

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