Monday, January 31, 2011

PAC Gallery Brightens Cincinnati's Art Scene

Looking for an art venue in Cincinnati, take a walk along Woodburn Avenue in East Walnut Hills and you’ll find the PAC Gallery. Annie Bolling, the owner of PAC Gallery, wanted to create a space that makes art more accessible to the public, gets involved in community based projects, and explores experimental art.

“I’ve always wanted to do a gallery that was really an artist gallery,” Bolling said. “It’s not a fussy gallery. It’s really about a gallery for the people, about the artist vision, and it’s kind of a collaborative in the sense that when we install shows the artists are a huge part of that, I’m a big part of it, and the team here at PAC, we all kind of pull together.”

The PAC Gallery, founded in January of 2009, is a space that focuses on showcasing contemporary art. It is the kind of space that most artists dream of; large rooms with ample wall space,bright lighting, a friendly and artistic staff, and the drive to create eye opening shows for the public.

The PAC began the 2011 season with a gallery opening," David Mack: Dream Logic" that presents the work of renowned graphic novel artist David Mack.

My first impression of the show was that it hits you all at once. Every wall of the gallery is covered with Mack’s work ranging from sketches, graphic novel illustrations, and mixed media collage work. Mack has transcended the boundaries of graphic novel art by combining illustration with elegant collage work.

“I would have to say David Mack’s work is like a force,” Bolling said. “It’s so multifaceted that you really have to come back and visit it.”

Dream Logic runs from January 21 through February 26, 2011. If you missed the opening you can attend "An Evening With The Artist, David Mack" on Feb 5 from 5:00-8:00. For more information you can check out their Facebook event page at!/event.php?eid=196512627031477.

The PAC gallery is focused on showcasing work by emerging and established contemporary artists. The gallery space is opened Tuesday through Saturday 12-5 and by appointment. For more information about upcoming shows you can visit their website at or visit them on Facebook at!/pages/PAC-Gallery/187002179286?v=wall.

For more information on David Mack check out this article at the The Northerner, NKU's on-campus paper, for Roxanna Blevins' Q/A with David Mack.

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