Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Catapult Art Mag

Catapult Art Mag Volume 2-  Courtesy of Catapult Art Mag

As an artist and someone who regularly interviews other artists, I tend to get very excited when I see opportunities open up. Catapult Art Mag, something I came across recently on Facebook, is one such opportunity. The magazine focuses on showcasing artists; young, old, emerging, and known. I had the opportunity to conduct a mini interview with Thena, the creator of Catapult Art Mag.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background in the arts?

Where do I begin...I can remember a mass collection of coloring books when I was
small. It was the biggest treat to get a new box of crayons. There was a neighbor lady
that taught me how to draw robust ice cream cone shaped women when I was like 5. I
would sit for hours practicing. I was so in awe of how easy it was for her to draw them.
Throughout school I always excelled in Art over any other subject. When I was about to
go into High School, my 8th grade Art teacher recommended that I try to get into a
Magnet School. I got my portfolio together and went in for my interview. I was so
nervous but I made it in. I was very happy. Once I was in there I found out that most
kids had to pay tuition to be there. I was blown away that I got in without having to
pay. My personal life was in turmoil. So my stay in the Magnet program was short
lived. I spent many years trying to find my own expression but never felt satisfied.
Finally I went to a tech school. I was going to major in Mechanical Engineering. I was
already working a job that having that under my belt would have promoted me
possibly as far as I could go in that company. However, I saw they had Graphic Design.
I really didn’t know much about it. I just knew it would be another creative outlet. So I
switched majors. My first job out of school was at a national jewelry chain. Within a few
years I was made Creative Director. They went bankrupt a few years later. Here I am.
Personally, I am trying to find time to do my own art but I still have my outlet with
Graphic Design....Catapult.

Can you tell us a little bit about the background of Catapult Magazine? What inspired you to create the magazine?

I am a “mad clicker”. I found so many artists on Facebook and I just started collecting
them as friends. I looked forward to every morning having my coffee and seeing their
newest creations. I have thousands of portfolios bookmarked. I was like...what can I do
with all of them??? Share with the world what I see and admire. I also saw so much
talent that was going unnoticed. I mulled it over for over a year and had bought the
site, just didn’t have the right moment. One day about 2 months ago...I said...IT IS
TIME TO SHINE!!! So Catapult came to be. I started on it and in under a week I already [had] art submissions. Now issue #2 is here and I already have numerous submissions for
issue #3. I am blessed. You know when you are doing something good when the
blessing start rolling in.

What is the goal of Catapult Magazine?

To put as many smiles on as many faces as possible. To Recognize, Inspire and
encourage. To make as many SHINE as bright as possible!

Where would you like to see Catapult Magazine in 
five years?
I would LOVE to be able to do this full time. Quit my day job and be able to pay my
bills through this. I could do SO MUCH MORE with this. It has such an enormous
potential. So hopefully in that time I will be able to hire people on and help people
SHINE even brighter!!!

I think this is a great opportunity for artists to get exposure! For more information on submission guidelines and about Catapult Art Mag visit their website and Facebook Fan Page for more details.

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